Take that, atheists.

all i want for christmas is to see cate blanchett fucking shit up


This one has made me so angry.

Yeah, fuck her for not checking herself in the middle of a schizophrenic breakdown, in which she has NO CONTROL over her actions. You have no clue about what mental illness is, or what it can do to a person’s perceptions of the world. Imagine someone holding a gun to your head, ordering you to say things or else. Now imagine that sense of danger and threat INSIDE YOUR OWN HEAD, with voices saying that if you don’t do what they order, you will be injured or die. 

So you can take your self-involved, woe-is-me, check-your-privilege bullshit and ram it up your sainted, ‘activist’ asses, you revolting ableist twats. 


If you refuse to raise a male child in the future, you are the problem.

If you say “die cis scum” instead of making an effort for actual equality, you are the problem.

If you refuse to listen to a doctor, someone who has years of medical training, about your health situation because they are ‘fat shaming’ you, you are the problem.

If you choose to disrespect someone else due to the bullshit excuse of ‘priviledge’, you are the problem.


RIP Joan Rivers


Throwback Thursday: Joan Rivers winning her first Emmy award and dedicating it to her late husband Edgar.

Before The Dawn



The Evil Queen and Snow White at Disneyland c. 1970

"yo snow white, just been to the apple store, come get a selfie with me"