The Evil Queen and Snow White at Disneyland c. 1970

"yo snow white, just been to the apple store, come get a selfie with me"


People who trigger warn for stuff like hands and eyes, and claim to be all about social justice, and then

-call people who disagree with them trash and scum
-send threats
-tell people to hurt themselves
-claim they’re being harassed when someone disagrees

need to take a step back and a good look at their morals


I’ve worked out I can make any dumbass prediction I want, like literally anything (sports results, weather changes), and people will believe it as long as I suffix it with ‘I feel it in me beard’

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Practicing moves at home before the club.

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I really really really hope we get to see a kiss-ass Galadriel destroying Dol Guldur in the third movie, it would fit in so well with like how scared of her everyone is in FOTR. Plus, Cate fucking Blanchett.