I’ve worked out I can make any dumbass prediction I want, like literally anything (sports results, weather changes), and people will believe it as long as I suffix it with ‘I feel it in me beard’

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Practicing moves at home before the club.

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I really really really hope we get to see a kiss-ass Galadriel destroying Dol Guldur in the third movie, it would fit in so well with like how scared of her everyone is in FOTR. Plus, Cate fucking Blanchett.

Kate Bush films underwater scenes

SPOILERS (maybe) —

“She spent three days in the tank re-shooting scenes and performing her songs. She wanted to create the effect of her floating in the ocean, lost at sea. The footage ends with her singing Hello Earth and being saved by a helicopter.

“Special technicians re-created the helicopter by using ceiling fans.”

The secret recording was code named Navy Blue. And Kate performed some of her most iconic songs including And Dream of Sheep, Wake Up, Hello Earth and Jig of Life.

Despite being submerged in water, production crew were gobsmacked at how incredible Kate’s voice sounded during filming.

One said: “We were all brought to a complete standstill as she sang, her voice is absolutely incredible, it was completely flawless. It was the most beautiful thing some of us had ever heard.


Beauty of calmness and prestige.